Monday, 20 April 2009

Tour 0 warm up

On saturday I played in a 3 way Tour 0 warm up with London Revolution against Tooting Tigers and Burro Electrico. 5 minutes before our first game against TT we didn't have a full squad whereas TT were getting well and truly warmed up. There were a lot of guys I recognised as London University alumni who are now looking to get a piece of A Tour action. They were good fun to play against and they had 3 or 4 guys who had played together long enough to be able to tie the team together and make beating us not a great challenge. Final score ~ 13-4. I'll be interested to see how they do at tour 0 as they still won't have had much chance to play competitively before then, which was the reason Easy (one of there main guys) went about organising these warm up games.

Our second game was against Burro Electrico, pretty much a complete unknown as they are a new team again made up of lots of familiar faces and names. We were in fact their first competitive opposition. We went 9-9 and then they got a couple of breaks to take the game ~ 13-9. Tour 0 is going to be a steep learning curve for these guys. There are plenty of talented guys on the team but thats not what wins games. I hope they do well but I think the standard at open tour this year is going to be so much higher than previous years that there will be a lot of teams finding themselves in the B Tour who weren't expecting it.

I watched the beginning of the TT v BE game. I was suprised to see BE score the first two. I heard the final score was ~ 13-9 to TT. Closer than I thought it would be, I would have liked to have stayed and watched to see if it was TT playing poorly or BE playing well that meant this was a close game. Either way, I'm looking forward to palying in Tour 0 this weekend.

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