Wednesday, 29 April 2009


This weekend, Nottingham are hosting the University Mixed Outdoor Nationals 2009. As a postgrad student I'm lucky enough to be able to compete in Open and Mixed tournements for both club and student teams. At the student level I've learnt that the most fun is had by partying hard and letting the Ultimate do it's own thing. There will be a smattering of club players and experienced uni players but for the most part it will be guys and girls with 1-2 years of playing experience. This makes for a lot of fun and a lot of turnovers.

From what I saw earlier in the season and based on recent records the teams to watch will be RoShamBo, Mohawks, Strange Blue, Warwick Bears, Sublime to name a few. It's student ultimate though so anything can happen! Whole first teams have been known to graduate at the same time leaving teams that were contenders for national titles one year struggling to get a team together for the same tourney the following year. UMON is right in the middle of undergrad exams too so this may cause problems for some teams.

Bring on the Nautical themed party, the lack of rule knowledge, unconventional play and the occasional spark of massive potential in those freshers. Yes, student life is still the gateway for many into our sport and it's these competitions that forge memories that last forever and players who will one day represent our country at Ultimate. I'll let you know how it goes!

1 Warwick Bears
2 Manchester Halcyon
3 Aberdeen Positive Mojo
4 Leeds Jedi
5 Newcastle Too Many Pies
6 Loughborough Haze
7 LSE Beavers
8 Durham DUF
9 Cambridge Strange Blue
10 Nottingham Random Fling
11 Exeter Uriel
12 Oxford OW!
13 Sheffield Phat Eds
14 UCL

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