Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tour 1 this weekend!

After a long, cold winter the sun looks like it is finally here to stay just as Summer League and the Open and Womens Tour get ready to properly kick off. Mens and womens team up and down the country have been working hard for months leading up to what will be the first big test of many a coaches teaching and hundreds of players winter track training. Tour 1 is being held in London this coming weekend. The seedings and schedule are expected out in the next couple of days but as in previous years there will be an A, B and C Tour for the men with a massive 51 teams entered at the last count and 17 teams entered for the Women.

I can't really say too much about any predictions as so much of the Tour will be opened up as the weekend progresses. You can expect there to be plenty of hard fought and closely contested games on the Sunday morning as always though. Like the Tours that have gone before, the standard across the board has risen dramatically over the year and there will be teams competing in B Tour who in previous years would have been sitting comfortably in the A Tour. With this, I look forward to seeing how the UK teams perform on the international stage when it comes to the various Euro and World competitions. With the healthy state of our junior ranks and the constant drive from within the UKU community I hope to see some great results

The top teams held a day of friendlies not too long ago with Clapham coming out on top so with that, I would predict them to take the first Tour. When the seeding and schedule are out I'll be talking more about where I think the best games will be happening. Here's to the start of Tour and nice weather!

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