Friday, 19 June 2009

UK Hat Tournements

Hat tournements encourage meeting and playing with new people which in turn creates new connections within the Ultimate community. They are a tool for enhancing the socialising, partying and community spirit within UK Ultimate. I've played in Hats outside of the UK and always had a great experience. I've got good friends all over the world just from initially playing a couple of games of frisbee together.

I'm heading up to Durham later today for what I've heard is a great weekend tournement, Durham Hat. This same weekend is a charity hat called TropHat, (get involved if your around London this weekend)

There are a number of Hat Tourneys being held across the country throughout the year including

-Strathclyde Hat Tournement
-Duffa Hat
-Lemmings Hat

A number of these are 1 dayers in aid of charity. Lets see more of these as they are great fun whilst supporting great causes as well as more of the big weekend hat tournements! You get far more close games, meet lots of new people, have a big party and get the opportunity to travel. Pretty much the physical representation of the spirit of ultimate and why I play.

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