Monday, 12 October 2009

Open Indoor Qualifiers

With the beginning of the indoor season, teams everywhere have started up their indoor
trainings ahead of the qualifiers for Open Indoor Nationals. These will be
taking place in
Plymouth, Birmingham and Norwich. You and your team can go along to
whichever is closest
and have a go at making it to Nationals! All these events will
be held on the weekend of 21/22
November 2009. Contacts can be found on the BritDisc

There are masses of tourneys that are popping up on BD both confirmed and prospective with
TDs testing the water for interest. It's hard ot keep up with everything that's
happening! If
you'd like to get your event some free publicity then feel free to
write a short piece about it and
I'll post it on here. There is also the possibilty
of it finding its way onto the UKU website front
page. If you would also just like
to have a go at writing something Ultimate related, get writing
and get in touch!

I'm starting physio tomorrow at the Royal Free Hospital, London. Looking forward to it after
doing nothing sport related since UK Nationals, about 9 weeks ago...

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