Thursday, 22 October 2009

UK Ultimate and Charitable Involvement

There are a lot of stereotypes and generalisations that one can make about Ultimate players and very often they are rooted in some truth. One of them is that we are a hospitable, generous and charitable kind of people. Indeed, there have been many instances over time that have gone a long way to proving this to be true.

A number of TDs are linked with charities both large and small and will take every opportunity they can to use the sport they love to build support for their charity.

Charity Tournaments that have taken place recently include:

The Spring League Charity Hat Tournament 2009

The Andy 24 Memorial Charity Ultimate Tournament 2009

Swingers Invitational Charity Ultiamte Tournament

PAFLova Charity Hat Tournament

Coming up in the near future is another charity tournament called LUCRE 2010, taking place in Warwick, UK on the 23rd January 2010. Follow the link to find out more information and to see how you can be involved. Show your support!

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  1. Cheers Dave, great blog. Thanks for the LUCRE coverage.