Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

2010...should be interesting. The closer I'm getting to being back at 100% post ACL tear, the less enthusiastic I am about writing about Ultimate. Its been 133 days since I last played a game of ultimate. I'm very much out of the Ultimate Frisbee way of living where weekends are mostly spent training or at a tournament, most parties are with frisbee friends and most travel is frisbee related. Just need to vent...give me a minute. I'm still motivated to get back to playing but with (what feels like) so long away from it all, I think I've started to forget why I care so much. I'm swimming, running and cycling at a good level everyday, I could compete in triathlons as I am but could I play ultimate yet? no...regardless of how well I can travel in one direction there's still a high risk of re-tearing for at least another couple of months if I play ultimate. It's such a bitch!

Not playing has, as expected, resulted in my not feeling the need to talk about UK Ultimate on a regular basis. I'm now just thinking about being able to get back on D...

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