Tuesday, 2 February 2010

7 weeks to mixed tour 1...

It's looking like I'll be playing at MT1, I really can't wait. I've upped my track workouts to at least 2 lengthy sessions each week. I do fartleks, tabatas, core work and throwing if I go with someone else. At least once a week I go for a swim and twice a week to the gym alternating between upper and lower body. Then on top of this I started going back to actual training sessions, monday and wednesdays. Sure it's just my uni team and I go more as a coach figure than a player but I find I'm now able to play, somewhat, in the games.

I've got an image in my head that I'm aiming for, I'm on D and I'm completely shutting my man down. He can't get free whatever he tries and every time a disc is thrown to him, I beat him to it. I'm just faster and in better shape than he is.

So that's the vision...I find it helps to focus on when the burn starts to kick in and I've still got 8 x 100m at 100% to go.

I'm willing to give it a real go, the time investment on the track, the determination and the motivation to be better than my opponent. After almost 6 months (?-dont care to check anymore) of not playing I feel so close to getting back out there and having the opportunity to give 100%. Everything that has happened with my knee is just history and bad memories and I can almost leave it all behind and just look forwards.

Windmill Windup 2010? Mixed nationals 2010? Open nationals 2010? Hell yes.