Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Growth and Development of the UKU

The growth of the UKU in recent history has been based largely on the decisions made by those individuals that make up its membership. A player in any corner of the country is able to declare independance from his nearest team and start up a brand new team all of his own. This happens plenty and it is a great indicator of the health of UK ultimate. With enthusiastic players all over the place, we as a community are able to introduce ultimate to more and more people which one hopes, in turn, positively impacts the rest of the UKU.

In a comment from a recent post it was suggested that the somewhat organic style growth of the UKU up to this point is not robust enough to allow for continued growth at the same levels. The way I see it, UK ultimate up to this point can be compared to an unkept shrub, perfectly healthy and allowed to grow as much and as fast as possible in any direction in which it is able to. This is perfect in the early stages, just let it grow and see what happens! Is it possible however that we are at a stage now where we no longer need to just let it grow? Are there enough people within UK ultimate that the emphasis can shift from simply encouraging numbers to join to actively defining what we want UK Ultimate to be in the next 5-10 years?

If so, running with the shrub analogy, we now need a trellis. We need a framework through which new teams can be more efficiently set up and supplied with links and resources to the wider community and to the spirit of UK ultimate, defined by the current membership body. Why shouldn't there be more of a push to teach ultimate in schools? Why not have UKU run skills days in unis and more help and support to new teams around the country? What about country wide leagues or regional leagues bringing together the stellar efforts of those currently running the Londer Summer and Winter Leagues, the Midlands League, the Brighton and Hove League and the Bristol League to mention a few?

Well the simple answer is resources. The man hours and the money to provide it isn't yet there. Is this what UK ultimate needs? It's amazing how much we as individuals can directly impact on the wider image of Ultimate. At the moment, anyone can run a massive tourney. Imagine a sunday league football player putting in a bid to host the FA cup. Keep the UKU in your hands by being active within it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Great analogy. My thoughts on this are on

    In essence I feel the UK should have a plan that is publicly available. Plans shouldn't be viewed as a ridged future but more a process for exploring and suggesting what may become the future.

    At the end of the day you have to react to what ever comes your way and I see the UKU doing a better job year on year.