Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Student Regional Qualifiers

Over the past few weeks there have been loads of Student Indoor Rregionals events being held. The UK comprises 5 university regions. Scotland, Northern, Midlands, South East and Western. These have all taken place now with the top 3 from each making it to University Indoor Nationals div 1 and 4th-6th into Div 2.

So that gives us

MUIOR: (in Nottingham)

1. Warwick Bears
2. Haze
3. Cambridge

4. UBU
5. Fling
6. Aye-Aye

NUIOR: (in Manchester)

1 Halcyon
2 Too Many Pies
3 Leeds Jedi

4 Phat 'Eads
5 Boogie Knights
6 Reservoir Discs

SEUIOR: (in Hatfield)

1 Sublime
2 Mohawks
3 Scorpions

4 Disc Doctors
5 Kent Touch This
6 Brunel

WUIOR: (in Plymouth)

1. No Frills
2. BLT
3. Skunks

4. Mythago
5. Uriel
6. No Frills 2

SUOIR: (in Dundee)

1. Dundee Stars
2. Ro Sham Bo
3. Flatball

4. Farflung
5. Blaze
6. Mojo

as well as the womens,

SUWIR: (in Southampton)

(dont know results yet...)

N&MUWIR: (in Sheffield)

1. Pies
2. WOW
3. Bears

4. Leeds
5. Cambridge
6. Halcyenne

Ultimate and acronyms....

With around 20 teams at each event that is a serious amount of indoors ultimate that has been happening over the past couple weeks. So there are now a load of teams all getting excited for both UWIN in loughborough (5/6th dec) and UOIN held in manchester (28/29th nov) on the fancy 3G rubbercrumb surfaces they have there. Well done to everyone who qualified in both divisions and good luck in your efforts to become the best university indoors team in the UK!

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