Wednesday, 11 November 2009

London Winter League and the UKU

The LWL and as far as I can tell, the LSL, are both now part of the UKU. In the past they were more like rec leagues organised and run seperately with a lot of effort going into the organisation and planning of each event with what was perhaps an unmatched output of fun, efficiency and worth. As a developing organisation, the UKU now has a number of branches that cover grass roots up to elite development as well as encompassing events that cater for both the social and competitive aspects of ultimate. This is great for a number of reasons, some of which are suggested in this informative article by Dan Berry.

In the wider world, I'm personally wary of organisations when they have a monopoly. Competition between companies, organisations and friends breeds advancement. When two bodies with simliar aims and targets are going head to head they have no choice but to continually strive for self improvement. Specifically when it comes to two organisations offering a service, each will be looking to provide the best to the customers in order to be more attractive enabling expansion.

When a larger and smaller group go head to head, the larger can simply take in the smaller with the promise of higher efficiency earlier on. The smaller then operates from within the larger without posing any threat to 'stealing customers'. The larger can relax without the pressures that comes with offering the best service possible. Thankfully, those at the heart of the UKU have the best interests of UK ultimate players at heart and so they will always be looking for ways to evolve through growth and improvement. The UKU is also very transparent when compared to many other organisations with opportunities for all to get involved within the actual organisation of UK ultimate as well as there being a direct line from members to organisers.

I have no doubt that it is a good thing that the LWL and LSL now operate from within the UKU and look forward to being back to full fitness so I can play in them!

Winter League 06!

For my own records, it's been 13 weeks and 3 days since I heard that damned snap, crackle and pop come from my knee. It's now also been 4 weeks and 3 physio sessions so far. Feeling pretty good about it now as I'm able to do at least two of swimming, cycling, gyming and as of last week running again every day now. It feels good to be getting back in shape!

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