Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunburn, Saunas, Summer League, Mixed Tour 3 2009 and WUCC 2010

With less than a week to go before the final event of this years mixed tour, there are no doubt plenty of teams anxiously waiting for their last chance to prove their worth in the City of Dreams (or Cod, as it is more widely known) that is Mansfield. One team that aren't going to be entering MT3 however is the GB World Games squad. It's just what I've heard but having won the last two events without any great challenge, GB will be holding a training weekend instead. Rather than looking forward to Mansfield, the GB squad can look forward to July 20th-22nd when they get to play in the Main Stadium at the World Games in Taipei. Yeh I know, insane. This does however mean that MT3 is now more open at the top. With qualification for WUCC 2010 up for grabs, expect to see some hotly contested match-ups. There are 6 or 7 teams that could potentially qualify for WUCC 2010 and it's going to be held in Prague if there were any additional incentives needed.

Apparently, a team comprises a group of people or animals linked in a common purpose (wiki). At the weekend, one group of animals got together to work on being a team using a pool, sauna and bananas. Needless to say that what was once a group of strangers is now definately more of a team and the Ultimate is going to be better for it. Happy Birthday Justin!

The Bournemouth Ultimatum held a beach tournement at the weekend and despite the gusty weather, I hear there was plenty of fun to be had both on and off the beach. BUF beat EMO in the final with plenty of familiar team names spread throughout the final standings. It takes a lot of effort to run a tournement of any size and with 24 teams all headed south, TBU did a great job in planning their weekend. Running these competitions is a great way to raise money for your club to run for potentially a whole year. For teams attending, it is very often the most significant reason why they play ultimate at all, for the fun of it! It's great to see more and more clubs putting in the time and effort to make these competitions work as it is beneficial to everyone involved and to the health of UK Ultimate in general.

Last weeks summer league games took place with Darth Herd beating Stacks and Switches and Ovathrow beating Choke Hazard in pool play up at Clissold park. Over in Balham Herd Cocktail beat Fugazees. More games are taking place again this week, the organisers have done a great job in getting this up and running and it is hard work to keep updating the results page. Just one reason for this blogs existence...

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