Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This weekend: 2009 Mixed Tour 2.

In a few days time, 44 mixed teams from across the UK will be heading to East Didsbury for the second installment of the 2009 mixed tour season. The first event in Cardiff saw the GB World Games Squad win the final against Brighton having already seen off Jeremy Codhand in the Semis. All three teams will be looking to repeat their performances and once again challenge for the top spot at MT2. Other teams to watch out for are Bristol Plastic Factory, Thundering Herd, Emu and Chevron. All will be going into this coming weekend believing that they can stamp their mark as contenders for the mixed tour title.

It's fantastic to see so many clubs able to enter 2 teams into these national competitions and it's even better seeing clubs that have only existed for 1 or 2 years already breaking into the top half of the tour standings. With more and more people being attracted to the sport and players starting younger and younger it's no wonder that these events have grown so huge and have displays of great ultimate right through from the number 1 seed all the way to the 44th!

A massive factor determining which teams will come out on top this weekend is the ability for team captains to get the most from their players. Not in getting each individual to push themselves to their own physical limits but rather removing the idea of the individual completely and replacing it with a team mentality that produces results far beyond the sum of the parts. I've seen teams made up of players who have all captained other teams to competition wins only to find that when they are put together they find themselves unable to reach the heights they might expect. A team needs just one captain to instill belief in their players and who is trusted by all to give the correct instructions. A team is then able to play with the belief that every one of their teammates will give their all which in turn raises the team play above the talent of the individuals.

I have no doubt that their will be some thrilling games this weekend and I hope that I'll be playing in them.

Seed Team

1-GB World Games
2-Brighton 1
3-Jeremy Codhand
5-BAF 1
6-Chevron Mixed
7-Bristol Plastic Factory 1
9-Leeds Loco
10-Thundering Herd 1
11-Ltd Release 1
12-Don't Let Go
13-Flaming Galahs 1
14-Principality of Sealand
15-Kent Mixed
16-Discuits Mixed
17-Leamington Lemmings 1
18-Strange Blue
19-ABH 1
20-Thundering Herd 2
21-High Altitude 1
22-Catch Those
23-Flash (M*LF)
24-BAF 2
25-Brighton 2
26-The Brown
27-Meat Pie
28-Oxford Ultimate
29-Ltd Release 2
31-ABH 2
33-Sheffield Steal 1
35-Flaming Galahs 2
36-Lucky Huckers
37-Cottonopolis Kettle Club 1
38-Cutty Sharks
40-Leamington Lemmings 2
41-Thundering Herd 3
42-Staffordshire Oatcakes
44-Cottonopolis Kettle Club 2

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