Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mixed Nationals 2009: To release or not to release (the schedule)

Only a few days before heading up to Mansfield for Mixed Nationals 2009. Unfortunately, still no schedule.

Here's a couple of nice photos from MT1 in the mean time.

Jay getting Airborne

RV showing how it's done

Taken on RVs camera, not sure by who but the link can be found in the sidebar --->

There have been a series of messages on BritDisc about the lack of schedule and seeding before UKU tournements. The argument being that a schedule produced early and efficiently is likely to be a waste of time due to teams dropping out last minute causing scheduling and seeding to change, sometimes drastically. If the schedule is released later however (1 or 2 days before a tournement) it becomes more difficult to plan team travel and accommodation. To me, an important reason to get the schedule and seedings out early is the conduciveness to getting excited about the upcoming tournement. If you know your opponent and the schedule, you can tailor your game to this, furthermore, the more one thinks about something, the more significant it becomes! This works for both the positive and negative of eveything we do but with regards Ultimate, if the whole community knows what to look forward to at the weekend long in advance, expectation, anticipation and excitement about the Ultimate will result. A good thing in my mind and another reason I started this blog!

If teams and players feel that they are paying for a service they become a customer. If the customer perceives that service to not be delivered then it is the duty of the service provider and the community to figure it!

There has been a list of teams 'definately entered' though (in no order):

1.Discuits mixed
2.Bristol Plastic factory
4.Emu mixed
5.Flaming Gahlahs 1
6.Kent mixed
7.The brown
8.Cutty sharks
9.Baf 1
10.Baf 2
11.Catch those
12.Cod Hand
14.Don’t let go
15.Principality of sealand
18.Thundering herd 1
19.Thundering herd 2
21.Chevron mixed
22.Leamington Lemmings 1
25.Dont let go 2
26.High Altitude 1
28.LTD 1
29.LTD 2
30.Meat pies

14 less than Mixed Tour 2. I would like to talk about games to watch and predictions for the weekend at this point but I guess it will have to wait for now.

I love quality film and photography and it doesn't upset me combining this with Ultimate. It's going to be hard for me to not post the best stuff I find when trawling the web on here but rather to keep on the 'UK Ultimate' topic.

Chicago Invite 2009 The Documentary Trailer #2 from luke johnson on Vimeo.

This is non UK Ultimate but until I find something UK Ultimate based I want to post, this will do. I just love the drama in it! It's not even about the level of ultimate, I just think it deserves to be shared for what it is. That and I really like Sigur Ros. Let's see some quality UK based Ultimate filmed with the latest HD equipment!


  1. Where did those photos from MT1 come from as I can't see anything related to it in the sidebar and the first photo is of me (Release #25) and I'd quite like a good copy of it if there is one!

  2. They are from the 'top shots...' link in the side bar, just click on the sidebar picture and it will you take you to the album or just go to

    You can contact RV (thundering herd) directly about getting a copy of it. Thanks for looking!