Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ultimate Frisbee and Pop Culture

Ultimate frisbee is still very much on the periphery of popular culture but the past 10 years have seen the image of the young, fun and athletic frisbee player used to sell a range of goods by 'marketing experts'. Below is a small collection of these commercials, I've not included the ones that are for selling the frisbee itself (they are hilarious and will be in a not too distant post!). In the UK, Ultimate is still anything but a mainstream sport. For me, it's the SOTG, the community, the parties, the people and the travels that make it the sport I willingly dedicate so much time and effort to. I wonder if these are the same things that prevent it from becoming widely accepted as a 'proper' sport in the eyes of the masses.

And now, for your viewing pleasure....Ultimate Frisbee being used to sell stuff....

HAHAHA! wonder Ultimate has the image it does. Admittedly these are mostly just freestyle and random thowing but this is the material with which everyone who is not playing Ultimate builds their preconceptions. Shameful comedy.

Current goings on in UK Ultimate include the first few games of London Summer League having taken place while the last few cross overs continue as well as an ongoing discussion on the way the UK organises it's seedings at tournements. Join the discussion on BritDisc!

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