Thursday, 27 August 2009

EUCR-W 2009 in Loughborough

As previously promised in the post 'The UKU competition structure', I'm going to talk a bit about the European Ultimate Championship Series structure. This weekend is the European Ultimate Championship Regionals. The West division this year includes teams from:
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
and is going to be held in glamorous loughborough. The other three regions are the South West being held in Varesse, Italy.
The Central East held in Nurnberg, Germany.
And the North East in Tallinn, Estonia.

All four competitions are being held this same weekend. They are effectively just seeding tournements for xEUCF. The massive tournement which this year is being held in Heathrow, London. The top four teams from each of the regional competitions will then make it into division 1 (of 3) at xEUCF and be in with the chance to be crowned European Champions! Nice. It seems to me to be similar to the champions league in football, although instead of a league it is held over 4 days. My question to this structure is why have seperate regional tournements? Surely the top 4 teams in the country are those that finish in the top 4 at each countries Nationals? In the past the competitions have been combined, so I would be keen to find out what the thought process behind the current structure is.

So onto the most import region to us, the EUCR-W containing the UK.

Here are the seedings for the tournement:

1. Clapham
2. Fire
3. Chevron
4. Emo
5. Fusion
6. Cambo Cakes
7. Leeds
8. UFO
9. Fully Charged
10. Mooncatchers

I look forward to finding out which of the UK teams will make it into div 1 of xEUCF. It would be hard to say that Clapham, Fire and Chevy won't all be there but who will take the fourth spot?


  1. i wonder if Skogs can bring their quality squad to xEUCF as they have to travel to Estonia for this weekend then fly to London in the end of next month, including hotel costs for 4 or 5 nights as well as 300 pounds team fee and 75 pounds player fee. they must have to spend more than 500 pounds to attend xEUCF all together. you can't play ultimate if you are poor, can you! after all, is this necessary?!

  2. Positions at EUCR-W:
    1. Fire
    2. Clapham
    3. Fusion
    4. Chevron

  3. Thanks for the update! I was looking for results and all I could find was some scores on twitter. Anyway, no real surprises for the div 1 qualifiers!