Friday, 14 August 2009

Photography Competition, Brighton Beyond and Anterior Cruciate Ligaments

Thankyou to everyone who has entered the Photography competition so far, there have been some really great shots from the weekend, especially of the final! You still have until this sunday at 10pm to send me your entries. If you know someone who was taking photos last weekend but who doesn't get BD emails then be sure to let them know that they too can enter the competition and be in with the chance to win some Lookfly sponsored goodies :). How does a Lookfly baselayer ahead of the winter season that is (shockingly) just around the corner sound? We'll see what happens but as they say, you gotta be in it to win it! As a supporter of interactive democracy, all of the successful photos entered will be put up onto the blog and the online voting will be opened to everyone a short time after the 10pm entry deadline on sunday. The voting will close exactly 1 week later.

Send entries to:

This weekend is Brighton Beyond, I'm looking forward to seeing how those teams who are entered into xEUCF will do. Namely, EMU, Thundering Herd and of course Brighton. They are likely to be fielding pretty strong teams in a bid to get some competitive game time and to tune up their squads while finding out what they still need to work on. Just six weeks left to go before the big event here in London!

Unfortunately for me, my xEUCF, Brighton Beyond and Monkey Foo dreams have all been crushed by a short but painful snap, crackle and pop of my MCL and possibly ACL. A scan in a few weeks will determine if I need surgery. I sure as hell hope not as that would be the difference between 2-3 months out and 6-9 months. I'm still trying to regain my enthusiasm, it's harder to write about Ultimate if you can't go out and play. More to come on that in the future.

If you're going to Brighton Beyond this weekend, I'll be the guy on crutches probably watching Thundering Herd, come say hi!


  1. I just had that surgery. it's hard, but just do the physio and keep the chin up! we'll get through this together!! :P
    roll on next summer
    p.s. be careful not to pull your hamstring in the first few weeks after. i did that, and it set me back a couple of weeks...
    Tommy, in Ireland

  2. Thanks for the advice, I just started the physio. I hope your surgery went smoothly and you get back to 100% soon!