Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ultimate Gear, where do you buy yours?

There are actually quite a few companies now selling Ultimate gear. Each has it's plus points but I thought I'd use this post to provide links to the ones I've found as I've recently started looking for where to get my teams kit from. What is your favourite jersey, shorts and boots? I find that unless I spend the money on boots they just don't last whereas what shirt and shorts I wear depends more on what's clean.

I've got a draw full of ultimate kit, some good, some not. From my experience, the more expensive it is the nicer it feels and I only notice when the 'special technology' in my shirts isn't working, so I'm not even sure what the best companies genuinely are for that sort of stuff either. I mostly have Gaia, Lookfly and cheap Decathlon stuff (Kalenji) but want to check out FiveUltimate and Patagonia as a lot of people have said that their stuff is pretty good!

Have you got any particularly positive or negative things to say about any ultimate companies? Let me know while I'm still deciding which company to get my teams next kit order from! Click on the links below to go to some very fancy websites (and some not so) to see what they're about.


  1. I have used Patagonia, Lookfly and Zone. I guess it depends on budget and time restraints with which option you would go for, as all are fairly similar in terms of quality.

    Zone were by far the cheapest (about US$35 for 1 shirt, 1 shorts, incl Postage to Australia), and a number of things (name & number printing) are included in their standard pricing. Additional items such as logo printing is only US$1.

    Some people favour Patagonia but when we bought them they were about US$100 for 2 shirts, 1 shorts. I would recommended Zone personally.

  2. Zone do seem to be very good value for money! Funny considering I hadn't heard of them before doig a bit of research for my team and this post.