Monday, 17 August 2009

Voting Opened for the Second Ultimate Frisbee and I, Film and Photography Competition!

Thanks a lot to everyone who has entered, there are close to twice as many people entered, with twice as many photos into the second Ultimate Frisbee and I, Film and Photography Competition. With so much more competition this time around, there is a really nice prize to go with the bigger and better competition! It will be coming from kind sponsors Lookfly and will be officially announced once the winner has been decided.

There were loads of photos taken at last weekends UK Nationals 2009 in Cardiff and now it's time to vote for your favourite! Voting closes next Sunday, 23 August 2009 at 10pm. You can vote for more than one and you can see a larger version of each photo by clicking on it below. Good luck in the voting and may the best photo win the prize! Special mention goes to the two photos called '3 against 1' and 'Surrounded', they look like they were taken a fraction of a second apart and from exactly the same angle!


'Cat Pounces'

'Superman Pose'

'Running Man'

'Out of Reach'

'Nice Boots'


'Kick a man when he's down'

'Photo 1'

'Photo 2'


'A running Mark'

'I've heard of taking it easy on defense, but taking a seat?'

'Another Inch Required...'

'Is this the Ultimate dance?

'High Grab'


'Eley Falls'

'Who Wants It?'

'View from the Ground'

'And into the Endzone'

'3 Against 1'

'Photo 3'



'Broken Force'

'Why run when you can fly?'

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