Friday, 21 August 2009

Why Play Ultimate Frisbee?

Having been playing or training 3/4 times a week for the past 8 months or so, to suddenly be unable to play ultimate at all, my reaction has been something probably similar to a withdrawal. It wasn't through choice that I'm not playing, it has been forced on me. I no longer have an outlet for my energies and so all I can do at the moment is think about Ultimate and go along to games as a photographer. While I've been thinking about it, I just wanted to put a few for and against thoughts down about Ultimate that I hope to come back to and elaborate on at some point, or maybe just to look back on when I'm playing again to see if I feel the same.

Reasons to play ultimate:
  • Travelling
  • Friends
  • Parties
  • Fitness
  • Competition
  • Looking good
  • Community
  • Aim to be the best at something
  • It feels so good playing on a team that does well
  • Winning
  • Big grabs
  • Big Ds
  • Big Hucks

Reasons to not play Ultimate:
  • Risk of injury
  • Time (wasted)
  • Money (wasted)
  • Effort required
  • Risk of Failure
  • Lack of outside recognition.

There's clearly much more to say, what would you add to these lists?

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  1. Have to say that while I sadly lack in the 'looking good' field of playing ultimate (I'm more of the look, point and laugh category), it's been an amazing way of meeting wonderful people and having fun in a new city. Hopefully one of these days I'll actually learn how to throw the frisbee

  2. The learning part just takes time and the willingness to listen to others. Thankfully, the travelling, partying and making new friends can all start straight away! Thats something that Ultimate has over other sports communities, the feeling of being welcomed into the fun times regardless of how good you are!