Tuesday, 8 September 2009

European Championship Finals!

There is little over 2 weeks to go before the start of the European Ultimate Championship Finals. Teams from across Europe have been gearing up for months ready for their arrival at the Harlington Sports Ground located just outside of London. The regional qualifiers for the open division have all taken place while the womens, mixed and masters division teams have all been working hard so that on the 27th September 2009, they will have the chance of being crowned the 2009 European Champions.

To get a bit of background, have a read of these two posts, nice and informative!

European Ultimate Championship Series

The History of European Ultimate Club Championships

This year there will be 38 open teams coming from 14 different countries! On top of that there are 16 womens teams, 20 mixed teams and 6 masters teams. That's well over 1000 players all at xEUCF!

So who are the recent past winners of such a massive tournememt?

2008 EUCF in Paris, France winners:
Open: Skogshyddan
Womens: Woodchicas

2007 EUCF in Basel, Switzerland winners:
Open: Clapham
Womens: Woodchicas

2006 EUCF in Florence, Italy winners:
Open: Skogshyddan
Womens: Iceni

(have a look at the post linked above to find out where the mixed and masters divisions were!)

So 2009 xEUCF in London, United Kingdom: who do you think will win?!

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