Friday, 25 September 2009

xEUCF day 1 and 2!

The days at xEUCF are looooong. Waking up at 6.30 with games kicking off at 9am and going all the way through to 9pm, that is a LOT of ultimate. The guys in the media centre on site are doing a good job of updating the xEUCF twitter account regularly. You can follow them here. Its turning out to be the easiest way to get lots of info to people quickly. Feel free to contact them if you are wondering about anything that is going on. The daily newsletter is the other way for a broader slice of xEUCF goings on. Here are the links to the day 1 and day 2 newsletters.

I wrote a couple of short pieces for the Day 1 newsletter (London Teams at xEUCF and Mixed Division Proceedings) while Tim and Will have been working hard throughout both days to make sure there are 700 copies ready to read in the morning. Keep it up guys!

Check out the xEUCF webpage for upto date results, schedules and other bits and pieces.

My highlights so far have been catching the end of the Clapham (16) vs Skogs (15) showgame last night and watching the Herd (15) vs Outsiterz (11) showmatch earlier this evening. Everything still to play for in so many games tomorrow! Hopefully I will get down there again in between moving house :)

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