Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Twitter, Ultispace and Online Content

I enjoy updating this blog and I want to be able to do so as often as possible. One of the basic aims is to provide new content for you to come and have a read of, watch or listen to as well there being content that you will hopefully be able to think about, discuss and (dis)agree with.

To this end I'm going to mix in some shorter posts containing interesting and relevant things I come across. For example, today a brand new site went live with the aim of being an all encompassing ultimate frisbee website. It's called Ultispace and I would compare it to ffindr which the worldwide Ultimate community has really taken to, allowing it to become a handy resource for ultimate around the world. Ultispace brings into the mix a forum, video and photo gallery to the one-stop-shop ultimate website format and only time will tell if we take to it and allow it to fulfill its potential. Go and register here.

To also increase the amount of new content I've taken my first steps into Twitter. reaction to it since 2006 when it first launched. Why would anyone care what you are doing at all hours? Well thankfully that's not all it can be used for. I finally realised this during the UPA college Nationals. There would be no way for me to get live updates of whats going on at this tournement. I wouldn't even be able to find out who won until someone wrote a blog post about it or the results went up on the UPA website etc. The way I see it now (and many have been doing for a long while now) is that those at a tournement can send out what are basically txt message updates of what is going on and I am able to receive just the ones relevant to my interest. I can't believe I'm actually promoting the use of Twitter but it does seem to make sense now.

As I'm no longer going to be playing at xEUCF due to my injury 4 weeks ago, I finally decided that I would be a volunteer at the tourney. I was going to be there anyway supporting my team and this way I can hopefully be usefull too! Anyway, as it stands, I plan to use twitter while I'm there to update anyone who cares to follow the xEUCF goings on. I've even dedicated a part of the sidebar on this blog to live UK Ultimate updates and specifically at the moment xEUCF updates from a number of sources! Seems pretty clever. So if you would like to be kept up to date either via the internet or (apparently) straight to your phone, (I havent done that yet but when I'm updating from xEUCF I guess I will be using my phone) go and register on twitter and search for 'ultimateuk', thats where I will be updating from...

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