Wednesday, 23 September 2009

In the news.

With xEUCF starting tomorrow it would be rude not to mention it...You know what it's all about now so I will just say if you are around London then it will be worth your while heading over there between thursday and sunday to check out some quality Ultimate on a large scale. There will be plenty going on for spectators and you can follow games and results through various twitter accounts, blogs, and the xEUCF home page amongst other sources.

Every time a new resource becomes available to the wider Ultimate community I get the feeling that Ultimate is going to improve in all aspects, on and off the pitch, for a long time into the future...

Not only is it one of the fastest growing sports but big tourneys regularly find there way into national papers, most recently xEUCF and the World Games. This can only be a good thing in terms of exposure and raising public awareness of the sport!

I'll be mostly posting links to coverage of xEUCF on here over the next few days.

See you tomorrow at xEUCF then!

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