Wednesday, 30 September 2009

xEUCF finals and moving on!

After so much effort xEUCF is finally over. We have a whole host of new European Champions and some unbelievable performances showcased to boot. For complete details visit the website once more.

As a very brief highlight, congratulations to

Chevy, the new Open European Champions
Iceni who are the Womens European Champions
Brighton, the Mixed European Champions
Helsinki, the Masters European Champions

Way to go UK taking 3/4 golds!

Today was the first day I haven't worn my leg brace in 7 weeks. I get my scan results next wednesday so I hope with the start of a new season I can look forward to getting out and playing. It was one of the most difficult emotions I've experience in a long time when I was so jubilated seeing my team playing at xEUCF while being so utterly gutted to not be able to play alongside my amazing teamates. Well done to Thundering Herd for their hard fought and well deserved 7th place finish and I can't wait to play Ultimate with you all again! Congrats also on being the top spirit scoring UK team :)

I've now also moved into my new flat and things are slowly returning to normal after a mental few months. So what next?

The students freshers are all attending their first training sessions this week and the indoors season is just about to kick off. Bring on the off season training and here's to world championships in Prague 2010!

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