Thursday, 17 September 2009

xEUCF Schedule released

So ahead of the start of Euros next thursday, the schedule has been released. Check out the xEUCF website for all of the details.

I'm frantically looking for a new house in central london and it's becoming the nightmare story I have heard so often. Between the estate agents and the compromising there is barely room to think let alone work, or blog.

Anyway, as gutted as I am to not be playing next week at Euros I'm excited now about being part of the newsletter and online team as one of the volunteers. Should be a good way to ease the pain of missing out due to injury. I might do a self-therapy injury update blog post just so I remember that it is moving forwards...6 weeks and counting now...

Here's some interesting moments in ultimate captured on camera for your viewing pleasure, they were all found at

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